Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rise of the swivel eyed ones

We don't know who it was (or wasn't) but someone called (or didn't call) some Tory activists 'swivel eyed loons'. Well if they did they were right in many instances. The obsession with European Union membership, climate change denial, despite no real scientific backing, moral outrage at gay marriage and a belief that all wind turbines are the spawn of Satan are all characteristics of the 'swivel eyed'. Some of these characters seem to be in a permanent state of anger about the wrong things. They are usually so opposed to what they regard as 'political correctness' that they make a virtue of being politically wrong on most issues. Throw into this mix the rise of UKIP (where being swivel eyed is a condition of membership) and you have a potent mix of rabid Tory activists, posh Tory grandees born to rule and a Party which welcomes the deluded with open arms. They can go to UKIP Conferences and presumably be as offensive as they like without anyone raising an eyebrow so long as they're a bit discreet about it. Quite a few of their new Councillors have recently failed the discretion test and are now being taken to task in the media.

There's probably about 3 or 4 potential Tory Councillors in Kirklees who I could see jumping on the UKIP bandwagon on the basis of their 'swivel eyed ness'. In many ways these defectors would probably save the local Tory leadership a lot of hassle. More significant for the Tories would be the defection of people who feel overlooked by the grandees, who see others, who they regard as having less ability being promoted over them - a couple of characters in the Lords who have somehow achieved ministerial rank immediately spring to mind. Even more damaging still would be the loss of the saner grassroots Tories who may just feel that Central Office has just lost the plot.

What I find most bewildering about the 'swivel eyed' is the perception that the Tory led government has somehow been held back by the Liberal Democrats. A mouse hanging onto the tail of a charging bull would have more effect at slowing down this right wing government than any number of Liberal Democrat MPs. Now hopefully their own internecine warfare will slow them up, but more likely they'll accelerate to prove how truly mad they are to satisfy certain sections of their rank and file.

This is not the end of this Tory story. A madness is descending. Lets watch.

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