Thursday, 11 September 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Green Party and Independent Councillors Priorities for a Shared All Party Administration of Kirklees Council

The Green Party and Valley Independent Group Councillors have detailed their priorities in an All Party Shared Administration of Kirklees Council. Green Party Leader Councillor Andrew Cooper said, “We need to get some dialogue between Political Leaders on Kirklees Council about what we would each want out of a Cabinet which involved every political Group on the Council. As we have a ‘hung Council’ and the greatest finanacila crisis Kirklees has ever faced we all need to work together. Sitting in comfortable opposition when Councillors were elected to take responsibility should not be an option. You could argue that voting for Councillors who then shy away from the opportunity of taking power on the Council is simply a wasted vote. That is why I have outlined some of the key priorities our group would pursue in an All Party Shared Administration. If other parties lay out their priorities then we have the basis for dialogue” Green Party and Valley Independent Group Priorities for a Shared All Party Administration of Kirklees Council - Prioritising support to the most vulnerable. Adults and childrens services is the greatest part of the budget and where we need to focus effort not just to ensure funding but to demonstrate effective budget management. - Ensuring local control over a proportion of limited resources. We know that there are going to be less resources available so ensuring that these are allocated according to local priorities will be key. Politicians demonstrably working with representative community organisations is key. We need to argue strongly to government that we need a fair settlement for Councils like Kirklees not one that just favours the leafier Councils in the Home Counties. - Protect local green space from development but where development does occur encourage the highest construction standards and prioritise developments to new householders particularly those on limited incomes - Establishing effective partnerships with the private sector as appropriate to help the council realise income from its property portfolio - Use our links with community and voluntary sector organisations to draw in funds and resources that the Council cannot access to help protect local services. Kirklees needs to establish strong and real partnerships with Community Organisations. This will needa reprioritisation of limited budgets and dedicated staff to ensure real change happens.