Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No Elections in Kirklees this year but............

Rehman remains - Karen Allison and Andrew Cooper mark the anniversary of this 2012 Labour posterboard
  I've had a few phone calls asking me why people have not received polling cards and understandably people don't all realise that we only vote in Kirklees elections 3 years out of 4. With 3 Councillors in each ward each having a 4 year term this gives one year in 4 without an election. In the Counties we do have elections but not in Metropolitan Districts like Kirklees. There is however 1 election posterboard up on a lamp column in Kirklees. It is a Labour poster on Colne Road which has now been there for 1 year. I guess they must have forgotten all about it when the Labour campaign left the Newsome Ward after the last local elections and this one got left behind. It is not an unusual phenomonen for Labour to leave a board or 2 behind and I tend to refer to these as Zombie posterboards as they continue to stalk the area long past their lifetime but this one is certainly one with  long life. We were talking about getting it a birthday card and a cake with a candle on it. I did tweet about this board still being up months ago but nobody came to take it down. I guess it will disappear fairly quickly now.

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