Saturday, 18 May 2013

Great Growing Newsome Event

Another terrific Growing Newsome event today. Over 170 people came today to collect seedlings for their allotment plots and gardens. For our plot myself and Karen Allison got courgette plants, sunflower seedlings, tomato plants and other bits and pieces. All this was finished off with a good wholesome vegetarian lunch. Lots of chatting with local folks and plenty of people catching up with each other over a cuppa and home made cakes. Council officers call this 'community capacity building'. It is certainly locally led by a group of committed enthusiastic volunteers who obviously get a real buzz out of doing it. This is the good stuff.

My role today was putting signs on street furniture (and taking them down afterwards!)

9.45am - Seedlings deployed, more under the table, ready for the punters
The Growing Newsome gang posing for the Huddersfield Examiner
Seedling hunters descend on the tables


  1. What a fab idea who had the idea and how do i speak to that person.

    many thanks

    Cllr Peter Pankhurst

  2. Diane Sims is one of the key drivers ofGrowing Newsome. happy to have a chat about how we might do something similar. looks like something the Parish might instigate with local groups. A good community engagement activity like the fruit tree planting.

  3. I also like the idea of growing veg in public places, hedge rows and places like that.

    We grow runner beans in pots and also add sweet peas with them. look good and smells good and the runner beans taste fab.

    I would like to start a group up, and Veg planting in containers???