Wednesday, 8 April 2020

PRESS RELEASE - Exercise classes for older people rescued from Corona crisis

Pilates Instructor Lynne Ellis
Pilates Instructor Lynne Ellis of Almondbury recently extended her classes to include those who need a more gentle form of exercise by converting her sessions to be done on a chair. This was particularly popular with older people wanting to keep active and healthy. These classes ran in Community Halls and were sponsored by Kirklees Council as part of their ‘Early Intervention and Prevention Strategy’ to help those with less mobility keep in shape.  The sessions had become really popular bringing the community together, tackling loneliness and improving health. 
Then the Coronaviris stopped all group activity!
Newsome Green Councillor Andrew Cooper contacted Lynne and suggested using ZOOM, a video conferencing app, to keep her pilates sessions going virtually.  The classes are now being done virtually and keeping people in touch with each other in these times of social isolation. 
Lynne said,
 “I’ve never been the best at social media and technology but Andrew introduced me to ZOOM and talked me through the set up and how it works, it was very easy which has been confirmed by how many of my pilates people have joined me, including those over 70.  Many thanks to Andrew. With his help and advice I have been able to continue my classes and keep me sane as I am by nature a sociable person.  This media enables everyone to chat before the session starts and enables me to correct body positions whilst the class is in progress… I love it!”
Councillor Cooper said,
“I’m so pleased Lynne’s classes are going so well and that she is able to help so many people stay active when they even are confined to their homes for much of the day. The exercise will not just make people physically healthier but mentally stronger as well by having valuable social time with friends, sharing a fun experience. Who knows I might give it a try!”
Lynne runs six sessions a week, two for those who are looking for a more gentle exercise, exercising from a chair, two for Beginners to Pilates who may wish to learn or who just want to keep toned and in shape, and 2 sessions of the more Advanced/Intermediate sessions for those who really want to work their bodies and have done pilates/exercise in the past. Membership is just £20 a calendar month and gives access to 2 sessions per week.
For more information email Lynne at

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