Thursday, 26 March 2020

Greens welcome 3 months rent holiday for Kirklees Business tenants

Kirklees Council has announced it will be giving a 3 month rent hoilday to its commercial tenants.

Councillor Andrew Cooper said

"I welcome the rent deferral for Kirklees business tenants for 3 months. I originally proposed it to ensure small Independent businesses like retailers, pubs, cafe's and restaurants survive this crisis intact. We will need them to bring life back to our town centres and I am urging other Councils around the country to follow Kirklees lead".

"There is now a challenge to commercial landlords of our  Huddersfield town centre businesses. If Councils can do what is right to protect the long term interests of our local economy so should you. A 3 month rent holiday for your tenants now could well ensure they are your tenants in the future."

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