Sunday, 1 November 2009

... and solar energy in Sheffield

As a bit of a footnote to my last postI went to a showcase event in Sheffield on refurbishment of housing last week and they had a demonstration 'eco' refurbishment that the Council had conducted on a property in the Page Hill area. It had solar thermal and solar pv panels and was very much a 'one off'. It shows how far Kirklees has come that we can give tours of whole estates using solar energy and Sheffield has just one. They made the same error I made in my first solar project of putting a solar thermal panel on a small property with very limited hot water demands. I'm not having too much of a go at Sheffield though. They are the second Council in the country to introduce a free insulation scheme for all their residents but over a 6 year timescale not a 3 year timescale like the Kirklees scheme.

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